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TCS Paper


TCS Candidate Experience and Placement Paper by MuraliMohan


TCS apti is the easiest to crack if u thorougly go thru the previous placement papers of TCS..nothing to worry about..The priority for the 3 section in increasingorder is :

1) Vocabulary & english
2) Quantitative apti
3) Critical reasoning
CR is a bit tough nd requires fast calculations..but if u manage to clear thru this section, nothing can stop u from clearing the apti.

Technical interview :
Me:May i get in Sir?
He : Could u plz wait out for 5 min?
Me : sure sir
He : Plz come in
Me : good morning Sir
He : a v good morn. tell me abt urself
Me : gave a very clear idea abt myself
He : tell abt ur project
Me : done
He : draw architecture of ur proj
Me : done
he was v impressed with my project
He : askd the code to traverse thru a double linked list
Me : done
He : askd to write a simple sql query..then askd wats a primary key?
Me : both done
He : askd abt routers and switches & default gateways
Me : not v clear with switches
He : ok not an issue
He : u wanna ask sumthing?
Me : Sir did u find sumthing lacking in me
He : no ur perfectly alrite..u may wait outside for HR

The tech round was also elimination round, but i got thru

HR & MR : the coolest interview of my life..the HR were quite aged and hence v kind. those same cliched Qs :
1) abt urself
2) why TCS? Ans:1) want to go for an Indian firm. 2) big fan of Ratan Tata
3) wat u kno abt Tata? answered. browse thru TCS site
4) but y u r a fan of tata? ans : he gave us nano. nd this is sumthing really good that hes done for da middle class... he was impressed with my ans
5) askd some database stuff and abt my project. answered thourougly.
6) r u free for relocation and r u aware of hte 2 yr service bond..just say yes
7) u want to ask nething..i askd him did i sound over-confident..he said no ur confi level was just proper..nd thats all..both the he nd she HRs shook hands with me

After a long wait results were announced..yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!! celebs all around


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