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H.R. Executive Jobs
  • Company: ThePlacementGuru
  • Job Description:
    • Direct all hiring and training procedures for new employees
    • Continually educate employees on company policies (including sexual harassment, appropriate dress, and social media permissions, etc.) and keep employee handbook current
    • Administer or change benefits, health plans, retirement plans, etc.
    • Monitor employee progress and stay abreast on company climate and culture, ensuring it stays positive and productive
    • Coordinate and direct work activities for managers and employees
    • Foster cross-functional relationships and ensure managers and employees are properly connected
    • Regularly meet with employees for progress reviews and assessments, discussing any problems or grievances they may have
    • Promote a positive and open work environment where employees feel comfortable speaking up about issues
    • Manage and supervise other HR staff, ensuring they are assigned and carry out prope

    Human Resources Executive Requirements and Qualifications

    • Comfortable working in a highly visible role
    • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Honest, ethical, and dependable
    • Experienced in mediation and conflict resolution processes
    • Positive, go-getter attitude
    • Expert stress management skills and ability to make important decisions under pressure
    • Attentive listener; understanding, empathetic, and personable
  • Job Location: Chandigarh
  • Contact Person: Vivek Sehgal
  • Email:
Job Location: Chandigarh
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